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Agro Tabaku Ltd is a limited liability company that has been in the Albanian and Balkan market for more than two decades. In recent years the company has marketed its products in other countries outside the Balkans, such as Germany, Switzerland, Iraq and others.

The company deals with the cultivation of various crops and their wholesale and retail trade, imports and exports. Not only trading, but also the production of seeds and seedlings for their trade.

For the development of our products we make sure that the environment is appropriate, and not harmful to plant growth.

Our crops are planted and grown in fields and greenhouses, whose soils are suitable for certain crops in certain seasons. Our products are BIO and contain no chemicals that affect your health, so feel safe with us at all times.

The Company operates on the basis of permits, licenses, approvals or other legal authorizations issued by the competent governmental institutions in the field.


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We are the exploration and discovery of Nature to bring the best to You!

Growing green fields and a green environment!

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